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Pivot to Sustainable Growth with Transformation

A professional and systems thinking approach to Online Business Management (OBM) you can rely on to own the path for your business to grow

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What We Do For You


30-Day Planning Packages

Kick-start the transformation of your business with one of our cost effective 30-Day Planning Packages. 

You'll have a clear path to grow your business whether you choose a Strategic Planning or Transformative Planning Package.


Transformative Leadership Engagements

Bring us onboard as your interim COO to own all aspects of the transformation and growth of your business. 

We'll make sure that your future growth is sustainable and scalable even without us.


Special Projects Engagement 

We will own all aspects of a specific task or projects, including, most importantly the results and deliverables.

Hire our professional team to shoulder the heavy lifting.

Nick Abbott standing with jacket in hand
Certified OBM Badge Nick Abbott

Get to Know us! 

Monick Business Services is proof that the right team will always be greater than the sum of its parts.  When you hire Monick Business Services you benefit from a combination of skills and experience that is unique in the OBM world. 

Monique Abbott sitting with white sculpture in background
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What People Say About Us!

Image of Janice Waugh

"Nick & Monique recently joined the team at Northstar Startups to head an all-volunteer Educations Team.  They quickly completed the primary deliverable of migrating our training library to a new LMS.  They communicate effectively and consistently, which gives us a huge feeling of confidence.

They are now moving on to more advanced projects, which is good news for Northstar Startups. With their vision, we are exceeding our goals for online learning. They are a great asset to the team."

Janice Waugh, Co-Founder, NorthStar Start-ups

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