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Special Projects Engagements

A special project engagement means that we’ll join your team to complete a specific task or deliverable. We’ll be with you until we deliver exactly what you want, there's no such thing as a half-completed task.


The type of special project can be almost anything, including:


  • Producing or reviewing/updating your Ops Manual

  • Conducting systems or process reviews designed to improve and streamline how you operate

  • Implementation of technology such as a project management tool, learning management system or CRM

  • Development and launch of a brand new service or product

  • Conduct legal reviews of websites and customer facing material to ensure you are properly protected

  • Overhaul and leadership of specific functional tasks such as sales, administration, marketing, or customer service

  • Implementation of a specific aspect or aspects of a strategic or transformation plan

  • Development and/or Leadership of a 90-Day plan

  • Revamping and launch of a KPI metrics reporting, analysis and interpretation


All that matters is that the project is significant, requires professional leadership and you don’t want to do the heavy lifting yourself, that’s what we’ll do.


To chat about your special project needs book a discovery call today or drop us a line on

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