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30-Day Planning Packages & Pricing

Strategic Planning Package

The Strategic Planning Package is for the business owner who knows where they’re going and whose business has the potential for significant growth, but the path to rapid and sustainable progress seems challenging. 

Maybe your current model isn’t sustainable or it’s too reliant on your personal daily control and input? Perhaps you recognise that your team needs development or building, or that the systems you have in place aren’t scalable?


At the end of this 30-day rigorous process, you will have an actionable and comprehensive strategic operational plan to function as a clear roadmap towards your goals and objectives for the next 18-months.


We start by understanding where you are now and what are your long and short-term goals.   This will commence with a detailed review of your existing operations and getting a clear understanding of your goals, dreams and pain points.  We will spend 90-minutes with you as well as meeting with key members of your team. 


We will review all aspects of your business and meet with you on a weekly basis to provide updates and obtain your input, so that we stay focused on your goals and needs, including what can be taken off your plate to enable you to focus on what brings you joy and, critically, where your business will get the best value from your time and talents.


At the end of the 30-day period, we will present an 18-month growth plan, broken down into distinct 90-day segments in support of the overall strategy. We will also ensure that you are getting the best from your project management tool in terms of managing both individual projects and the day-to-day running of your business.


Price for the 30-Day Strategic Planning Package: $1,850


Payable upfront or in two instalments of $925, at the beginning and end of the 30-day period

Transformation Planning Package

Is your business in need of significant change or a dramatic overhaul in the way it operates?  Our Transformation Planning Package is the perfect solution.


You know that your services have the potential to grow, and the way you are operating now makes that impossible or at best highly unlikely or requiring massive personal effort on your part.


This intense 30-day package is a deep-dive into all aspects of your business: operations, systems, team, metrics, finances, and reporting.  14 days after our initial fact-finding meetings, we’ll present you with a high-level strategy document and adjust and update as necessary until we secure your agreement in principle on the way ahead.


In addition to an 18-month strategic plan, you will receive a 90-day detailed transformation plan containing the specific actions you can take to pivot into a new way of running your business in a sustainable and scalable way.  Most importantly, you will have clarity.


Price for the 30-Day Transformation Planning Package: $2,450


Payable upfront or in two instalments of $1,225, at the beginning and end of the 30-day period


To learn more about how a 30-Day Planning Package can help your business, book a discovery call today or write to us at

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