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About the Team

Nick Abbott

Nick is an OBM with a difference, one with over 20 years’ experience supporting technology and telecommunications start-ups that have grown into multi-million-dollar businesses.  He’s been a CEO/General Manager, with full P&L responsibility, Sales Manager, Customer Care Director, Operations Manager, Learning & Development Manager, Product Manager and Consultant.

His leadership skills were developed while serving as a military logistics officer with the UK’s Royal Air Force. He is a graduate of Royal Air Force College Cranwell, the world’s oldest military air academy, where he later returned to spend 3 years as a senior leadership instructor. As a civilian leader, he has built inclusive, dynamic, high performing teams, both small and large, from scratch in 3 different countries.

This means if you have a business with the potential for explosive growth, he’s the right person to support you while this happens. You will focus on the vision and the future, while he looks after building the structure of highly effective business operations: the team, procedures, internal communications, financial management, project management and planning.

Nick’s aim is always the same: to get you spending more time working ON your business and far less time working IN your business, because that’s his job. Not only will your business grow faster, because you focus on your vision, you might even get to take that vacation, knowing that your business will prosper while you’re away.

Nick is a Certified OBM® by the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM), is certified as an Adult Educator by the Canadian College of Educators, a Six Sigma Green Belt and holds an HND in Business and Finance from the University of Brighton (UK).  He has backgrounds in OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and in Agile project management and product development.

Certified OBM Badge Nick Abbott
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Monique Abbott standing next to corporate building

Monique Abbott

After 17 successful years as a senior executive in the insurance industry, project manager, and attorney-at-law, Monique has the leadership, organizational and technical skills to help you drive your business forward through sustainable growth. She is also an experienced blogger with web design and Canva Pro expertise.   


As a project manager, she has successfully led major corporate & change management implementations and construction projects, thanks to her obsession of delivering on-time and within budget.  She built an in-house legal department at a large insurance company, saving the organization several million dollars per year.  She was later charged with overhauling the Claims department, where she created a customer-centric culture, streamlined and automated all major processes, and outsourced routine tasks to intermediaries.  This resulted in productivity being quadrupled and improvements to all C-Sat metrics.


Monique acted for 5 years as a condo board president and was a property manager, which showed how effectively her skills can be transferred into a different industry.  In addition, she served for 14 years on the Claims and Underwriting Committee of the Insurance Association of Jamaica as Vice-President and then President, where she had to juggle the competing agendas of senior executives from different companies to deliver a number of transformative initiatives.


Monique holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Legal Education from the Norman Manley Law School, Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and BSc in International Relations and Political Science from the University of the West Indies, rated in the top 4% in The Times World University Rankings.  She was called to the Jamaican Bar through the Norman Manley Law School in 2005.  She has significant experience in Systems Thinking and management and planning using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

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