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Business Meeting

Transformative Leadership Engagements

Is your business ready to explode and you need executive level support to shoulder the heavy day-to-day lifting?  If this describes you, book a discovery call with us today.


We will work with you and your team closely over a period of 6-18 months as agents for change acting as your interim COO.  We will own the transformation of the systems, processes, organizational structure, financial management, and metrics and reporting. These will be aligned with your vision for your business and be set-up in a way that is sustainable and scalable that will last long after we have moved on.  Most importantly, at the end of our engagement, you will have everything in place for a prosperous future, including a permanent COO if that is what’s needed.


During the engagement, you’ll have access to a team that includes:


  • Certified OBM® with 20+ years’ experience in change management and business growth

  • Licensed attorney with over 15 years in corporate legal operations with hands-on experience in running an online business

  • People leaders who successfully built and transformed high-performing teams, small and large

  • Supporting start-ups grow into multi-million-dollar businesses in technology, telecommunications, and financial services sectors

  • Real world, practical expertise in:

    • Systems Thinking

    • Change Management

    • OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)

    • Six Sigma

    • ISO9000 TQM

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